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Twitter and Digital Discipleship

By Rosie Perera | May 19, 2011 at 5:11 am

OK, so I finally caved and got on Twitter (@Rosie_Perera). My excuse was that I had been asked to help monitor tweets during the live streaming broadcast of Krish Kandiah‘s talk at Regent College yesterday evening, “Digital Discipleship: The Opportunities & Challenges of Social Media for the Church” (video of Part 1 [missing a bit of the beginning] and Part 2; lecture notes). But I’ve been flirting with Twitter for some time now, reading people’s tweets, searching for hashtags, keeping TrendsMap up in a browser tab for most of the busiest week of the Egyptian Facebook revolution. I’ve had moments where there was something I felt like tweeting and it seemed not the right thing to put on my Facebook status update, so I had to let the moment go by. As a person who writes and thinks about technology and its effect on interpersonal relationships and spiritual life, it kind of was inevitable that I would eventually get on Twitter to see what it was all about.

I’m not ready to make observations about it yet. It’s only been a few hours. But I’m already starting to see things a bit differently from the inside than I had as an outside observer. I’m trying to maintain my objectivity, but I’m sure it will be hard, as it was after I joined Facebook for pretty much the same reason. I ended up getting sucked in to wasting lots of time on it.

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